Discover Nasma Residences

We believe in the power of community. We believe that the home is more than just a single house, it’s a place where you can feel as though you belong. We believe in creating homes in which you can raise a family, carve out a space that is solely yours, and fill it with a lifetime of memories.
That is why we created Nasma Residences, and why they are the most affordable freehold homes Sharjah has ever seen.

Enriched Living

Nasma means breeze, and it’s that feeling; the simple joy of a cool wind on a perfect summer’s day, surrounded by lush greenery encapsulated in the community that we have built.

Each Nasma Residences neighbourhood has its own park equipped with children’s play areas, each of approximately 32,000 sq. ft. The neighbourhood parks exist alongside a fully-equipped 13-acre destination park that includes cycling and jogging paths and ample green space, all crafted to foster a feeling of community.

High Quality Learning

Nasma Residences is perfectly positioned to benefit from Sharjah’s long commitment to educational excellence. The international school situated at the heart of the Nasma community will ensure that your children will receive the finest education and make use of world-class facilities. Looking beyond the Nasma Residences community, Sharjah University City is only a short drive away. Its stunning Islamic-influenced architecture situated on scenic grounds have made it something of a tourist destination, but the institution’s true value is in its commitment to providing world-class education. Of particular note, the American University of Sharjah is distinguished as one of the finest higher education establishments in the wider GCC.

Onsite at Nasma Residences, you’ll also find a children’s nursery, for ease of prioritizing family learning.

Extraordinary Lifestyle

Nasma Residences is central to a community retail mall offering a large-scale anchor shopping experience, complemented by a range of casual dining experiences. The community mall ensures that everything you need is within your reach.

Keeping homeowners comfort and convenience top of mind, Nasma Residences will be anchored by four community offerings: a 13 acre lushly landscaped park with cycling and jogging tracks and large play areas, a multi-purpose community centre with club house offering sports and recreation facilities, children’s nursery and full-service medical clinic, an international school, and retail mall offering a large-scale anchor shopping experience for day-to-day and specialty needs and a range of casual dining experiences.